Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.

Workshop                                                                  Photo by Sami Hänninen

Children experience sexual harassment among their peers even in primary school. Moments of Truth video was produced as part of a research project investigating gender-based violence in primary children’s peer cultures, funded by the Academy of Finland. For a group of girls (aged 10-11) who took part in this study, relationships with some boys were a complex mix of pain, anxiety, pleasure and power. The girls explored their relationships with boys through creative activities in arts-based workshops, organised over one school year in certain Northern Finnish schools. Those activities helped the girls to recognise and communicate what feels good or hurtful in their relationships with boys.

Totuuden hetket / Moments of truth

On The Surface - Under The Surface