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Powerfully Knotty Peer Relations: A free information booklet for educators                                                                      Picture by Aiju Salminen       

Vallan Visaiset Kaverisuhteet' ['Powerfully Knotty Peer Relations'] is a free, 36-page booklet that aims to inform parents, teachers, and policy makers about mundane and subtle forms of gender-based violence in pre-teen peer and relationship cultures. Written by Tuija Huuki, produced by Hanna Louhimo and Nea Lehto, illustrated by Aiju Salminen, and funded by Academy of Finland and the University of Oulu, it contains up-to-date practical advice for creating a non-violent school environment. 

Click here to download the booklet in Finnish.

The contents of the booklet are as follows:

-    To the Reader / Pgs 4 - 5

-    Why is  it important to share information on the challenges of children’s peer cultures?
     / Pgs 6 -7
-    Gendered and sexualised peer group hierarchies and regimes of popularity as a stumbling         block to peer cultures / Pgs 8 - 19
-    Sexuality in children’s peer and relationship cultures / Pgs 20 - 27
-    Supporting healthy relationships between children / Pgs 28 - 33
-    Literature relating to the field / Pg 34


Please share this link with as many people as possible and tell your colleagues about it. Note that the current booklet is exclusively in Finnish. English versions of the publication may be published at a later date. 

Physical copies of the booklet are also available.


Please contact Tuija Huuki at tuija.huuki [at] for any queries regarding the booklet, or write to Tuija Huuki /Sukupuolentutkimus/ PL 2000 / 90014 Oulun yliopisto, Finland.